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Board of Directors

2018 Officers
President:   Joseph M. Olla
Vice-President:   Dr. Margaret Wilkinson
Secretary:   Jeff Cotter
Treasurer:   Steven Graves
Immediate Past President:   Randy Jones

2017 Directors:

Charlotte Beccera Wayne Natale
John Copeland Rick Oas
Curt Cragg Kristin Reynolds
Robert K Etling Mark Sanchez

Executive Director
: Brian Stenfors
Bookkeeper: Teresa Mills
Facilities: Christopher McCarthy
Volunteer Coordinator: Dottie Bennett

  Museum Exhibits
  Carriage House
  Facility Rental
  Museum Who's Who
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  From Side Saddle
     to Astride
  Vaquero Vision
  - - - - - - - -
  If the Shoe Fits
  Borrowed Borein
  Mourning Glory
  The West on Wood
  Dressed to Impress
  Willy Chamberlin Tribute
  Samurai Warrior
    Horsemen of Japan
  Golden Age of California
    Women's City Fashions
  Rolling Through the West
  Shining through the
  Uncorked: The Evolution
    of Wine in the SY Valley
  Kimono: Traditions,
    Pattern and Symbolism
  Quilts of Family School
  SYVCH Pictorial History
  Walking Through History
  Hats on Parade
  Women's Fashions in the
    Baby Boomer Era
  Valley Views/Layers
  A Baby Boomer Christmas
  From Painted Caves to
    Mission Arches
  Vintage Wedding Dresses
  Ronald Reagan
  Quilting Thru the Ages
  Down on the Farm
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